President Barrow Receives WAYAS and MDI Delegates

State House, Banjul, 26 April 2024:  President Barrow received delegates from WAYAS and Management Development Institute (MDI). The delegates briefed the President on the activities of WAYAS in providing a counselling course on mental health programme at MDI, and offering mental health assessment and treatment to people in The Gambia, and The Gambian Diaspora since its establishment in 2019. The partnership between WAYAS and MDI was also discussed.

President Barrow is enthusiastic in empowering Gambians to live healthy and fulfilling lives, he therefore, expressed delight as WAYAS mission aligns with his vision to provide quality education to Gambians.

Provision of professional Counselling impacts on the lives of individuals, families and communities. The Deputy Director of MDI Ms. Barry said the country has shortage of qualified counsellors, and the training of over 40 students will close close that gap. Ms. Barry was also delightful of WAYAS partnership with MDI, adding that a counselling unit is needed in every educational setting.

The training provides tools and insight to manage mental issues, such as anxiety and depression and the training ranges from responding to mental health difficulties to using brief interventions to help people get on track. The trainees are from different works of life in the social work field, teaching, and nursing.