Day 6: President Barrow Announces Arrival of 260 Cuban Doctors and Building of 23 New Clinics Across the Country 

On Day Six of the President's ongoing Meet The people Tour in Wuli, he announced that his government has facilitated the deployment of 260 Cuban doctors as well as the construction of well-equipped clinics across the country. The health facilities, according to the President, will take a period of Six months to construct. Already, the foundations have been laid for two in Upper River Region. 

Additionally, the President also announced the construction of a New School of Nursing complex in Bansang which will increase the enrollment of nurses in the country. 

Stressing the importance his government attaches to health, he gave assurance that the newly procured 80 ambulances for the communities will ease access to health care delivery. 

The President added that the government would soon roll out a new initiative, the Highway Ambulance Service as well.  The government's projected universal access to electricity in 640 by 2023 would further enhanced health care delivery countrywide.