Outgoing WB Country Director Bids Farewell to President Barrow

State House, Banjul, 10th November 2022: President Adama Barrow Thursday received the outgoing World Bank Country Director at the State House, Mr. Nathan Belete, who came to bid him farewell after completing his tour of duty in The Gambia.

During a warm engagement with Mr. Belete, President Barrow said the World Bank Director is leaving when The Gambia's accomplishments under his leadership have increased the Bank's support envelope.

He commended Mr. Nathan for his dedication and personal support in defending and following up on The Gambia's project, adding, "You are an Ambassador of The Gambia because you know our governance environment."

President Barrow expressed his appreciation for the World Bank's support to The Gambia in various sectors, stressing the positive impact of electricity, particularly on rural Gambian lives. He added that access to electricity reverses the rural-urban and international migration phenomena among rural youths and enables them to build livelihoods in welding and other skills within their communities.

Following his audience with the President, Mr. Belete told journalists that the World Bank has forged a solid partnership with the Government and this has significantly increased its engagements in The Gambia, noting that this has resulted "in major achievements in the energy transformation, as well as in sectors such as health, agriculture, and social protection.”

He thanked the President, Government, and the people of the Gambia for their support and corporation during his time in the country.

The outgoing Director also informed the media that the World Bank would submit an additional supplementary budget support program of 20 million dollars over the coming months and another 40million to support Coastal resilience programs.

Mr. Nathan Belete was appointed World Bank Country Director for The Gambia, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Cabo Verde, and Mauritania in 2019. He replaced Mrs. Louise Cord, who completed her assignment in the same year.

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