OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT BOOK PRESS RELEASE (The Village Boy Who Would Be President: The Story of President Adama Barrow”)

The Office of The President and Fye Network (FyeN) a multimedia - publishing and production company have partnered to author the life story of His Excellency President Adama Barrow. A children’s book titled “The Village Boy Who Would Be President: The Story of President Adama Barrow”. 


In what promises to be a blockbuster children’s book, President Adama Barrow blows the lid off the curiosity surrounding his humble beginnings. Journey through his village life in Mankamang Kunda, his introduction into formal education, his community service and the spark that led to his political ambitions. Children ages 4 to 12 will discover the life of President Adama Barrow, a story of perseverance, commitment and hope.


This is the first children's book authored by a sitting Gambian president in the history of the country. President Barrow gives a very generous account of his life’s challenges and inspirations, while highlighting the strong sense of culture, rich tradition and altruistic community which makes it possible for a village boy from Mankamang Kunda to sit at the highest office of the land to lead his country. With this children's book, the future leaders of Gambia will be inspired to discover their passions and inner strengths, as demonstrated by President Barrow’s relentless work ethics, willingness to lead and desire to succeed.


As the third President of our nation, His Excellency President Adama Barrow’s story will continue to motivate and inspire Gambian children for generations to come as he has committed to ensuring these books are on every student's desk across the country.


The decision to partner with a Gambian owned publishing company created a synergy which allowed for a seamless process in which FyeN delivered an exceptionally entertaining and educational book. Fye Network (FyeN) is a company founded by Gambian sisters Anna and YaAdam Fye, an innovative company that tells industry-altering African stories for children and families across the African and Black diaspora.

The Village Boy Who Would Be President: The Story of President Adama Barrow will officially launch on Wednesday, February 21st, 2024, at the State House.


Be a part of history, get your copy! Books will be available in The Gambia at Timbooktoo Bookstore. Visit and/or email for all other purchases.