Press Conference on Diaspora voting

Press Conference

Date: July 30, 2021

Time: 17:00 Gambia time

What:  On 27 January 2021, The Gambia Supreme Court ruled in favor of five Gambians who took the IEC and GoTG to court over the issue of the violation of their voting rights.  The highest court of the land reaffirmed their political rights and stated that the systematic and continued disenfranchisement of the Gambians living abroad is illegal and constitutes an assault on their fundamental rights. The highest court of the land so affirmed that: “Pursuant to section 39 of the Constitution, every Gambian, including those residing outside the jurisdiction, is entitled to be registered and to vote in an election to the offices of President, members of the National Assembly, for local government offices and traditional rulers as well as in referenda".

 Issue: The Supreme Court ruling was ignored by both IEC and GoTG, when the IEC forged ahead with its registration exercise registration exercise that witnessed about 987,484 Gambians acquiring a voter's card, thus putting them on the roll to decide who they wish to govern them. But 200,000 others who are living abroad, eligible Gambians and potential voters, were excluded from this exercise.  The Plaintiffs went ahead and sought for the enforcement of the Supreme Court ruling by the High Court. The ruling is set for tomorrow 11am GMT, 30 July 2021.  A lot is at stake- aside from the debate and legalities of voting and political rights is the issue of the country’s justice sector and the respect for rule of law.

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Topic: Press Conference on Diaspora voting

Time: Jul 30, 2021, 17:00 Gambia time.

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