The Dawn of a New Era in the URR, Gambia and the Sub Region

President Adama Saturday inaugurated the URR Ring Road and Bridges, heralding a new era in the country’s roads and transportation infrastructure network.

The Ring Road and Bridges connect URR north and south, finally bringing the country’s eastern end into the national highway network. It consists of four bridges and over a hundred kilometres modern road network connecting several villages and communities that were hitherto difficult to reach. 

The new infrastructure will facilitate the quick movement of goods and services in URR and within the sub-region.  

President Barrow thanked the people and government of the People’s Republic of China for funding the project at the tune of $80 million. He highlighted the growing trade between The Gambia and China, signifying the strong bilateral ties between the two countries. 

President Barrow said his government is “exploring new frontiers that include cultural exchanges and expansion of trade and investments on a win-win basis” between The Gambia and China.

President Barrow officially inaugurated the Basse-Fatoto Highway amidst tumultuous cheering from a large crowd that gathered at the road's intersection. He proceeded to cut the ribbon at the Chamoi Bridge, followed by the Suduwol and Fatoto Bridges. At the Fatoto Bridge, President Barrow drove a car across the bridge with First Lady Fatoumatta Bah-Barrow on the passenger seat, symbolising an end to decades’ old use of boats and canoes to cross the river. 

The final ribbon cutting was at the main bridge connecting the Wulis in the north and Basse on the south of the river. There, President Barrow announced the official name of the Bridge – Samba Juma Bridge, a tribute to a benevolent boatman who for many years helped people cross the river.